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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Charged with a domestic violence crime? Alleged victims often fabricate allegations of domestic violence. This can occur for a number of reasons, including a desire to gain an upper hand in a divorce or custody matter or to gain sole possession of a house. The mere accusation a domestic violence crime can lead to serious complications. Mielnicki & Stiffler, LLC handles all domestic violence issues, including all criminal cases including:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault
  • Attempted Murder
  • Child abuse
  • Child Endangerment
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Harassment
  • Recklessly Endangering another Person
  • Sexual Assault
  • Simple Assault
  • Stalking
  • Strangulation
  • Terroristic Threats
  • PFA

Possible consequences of a domestic violence charge include:

  • Need for alternative housing
  • Harm to reputation, being labeled as a domestic abuser
  • House arrest
  • Loss of your right to carry a firearm
  • Loss of educational opportunities
  • Loss of employment
  • Probation
  • Receiving a court order preventing you from having custody or visiting your children, during the course of your case
  • Receiving a court order restricting you from living in your home, even if you completely or partly own the property
  • Restrictions on keeping guns, firearms and ammunition, even before a finding of guilt
You Need Mielnicki & Stiffler, LLC

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who has the empathy and compassion necessary to fight your case and help you through this difficult time. Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney Robert E. Mielnicki has represented hundreds of clients charged with domestic violence crimes and facing the possibility of a Protection form Abuse (PFA) order. Attorney Robert E. Mielnicki has the experience and empathy you need, if accused of domestic violence.

The Alleged Victim Cannot Just Drop the Charges

So many clients believe that if the alleged victim comes to court and expresses that he or she does not wish to testify or proceed, the charges will go away. In fact, this happens seemingly half the time. Prosecutors who handle domestic violence crimes have seen this happen many times and often believe that they are duty bound to proceed even where the victim does not wish to. Such prosecutors may choose to threaten the victim with contempt or being charged with filing a false report, if they refuse to testify. Once the alleged victim has called the police or made a statement alleging domestic violence to the police, the decision to drop the charges is not a decision they get to make alone.

Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney Robert E. Mielnicki has represented hundreds of clients charged with domestic violence in Allegheny County and surrounding areas. Attorney Mielnicki has over 25 years of experience and is ready to put that experience to work for you right now.

To speak with an attorney committed to providing you with the best possible defense, for a reasonable fee, contact Mielnicki & Stiffler, LLC at (412) 330-1000.

Client Reviews
"Mr. Mielnicki recently defended me on my DUI case. He not only got my license suspension wiped away, but he got my DUI charge knocked down to a General Impairment. This is not the first time Mr.Mielnicki has defended me either. When I was younger he defended me on a pretty serious case and got 3 felonies knocked down to misdemeanors. If you want to win, pick Rob Mielnicki." Garrett
"When I was losing patience finally for my girlfriends return home. Something showed me Robert. Robert was there for me and her. Visited her. And walked her through everything. Being very confident with this judge, he was able to successfully lift this detainer. If you ever need a detainer removed or a motion to be filed. I highly recommend him." Robert & Crystale
"On June 26, 2017 Attorney Mielnicki handled a case for us defending our son. He was professional, knowledgable and a highly skilled attorney. He returned calls promptly and always reassured us. The outcome we had hoped for worked out as he assured us it would. We couldn’t be more satisfied. We highly recommend this attorney." Client
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