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Great Outcome!

"Robert and Karissa are amazing attorneys. Karissa helped me thoroughly and spent so much time working with me. I felt like everyone was giving top attention to my case. Highly recommended."
- Samuel

Federal Arson

"I hired Bob on my federal arson case. His expertise and knowledge of the law are impeccable. He communicated with me through the whole process and kept me updated on the case every step of the way. I was comfortable with him from day one and l don't know if another lawyer would have achieved the same outcome of an acquittal. I would highly recommend him to anyone."
- Jeff

Great Attorney

""Absolutely Amazing!! I had the pleasure of working with Karissa Murphy, one of Robert's associates, and I cannot be happier. I was referred to her by somebody I know and at first I was a little skeptical but after having her as my attorney I am more than satisfied. Any questions I had were answered, any time I needed to get in contact with her she was available and she showed up early to every hearing. Not only was Karissa able to get all of the charges reduced and some removed, but she was also able to get me removed from probation only after the first year. She was very comforting during the whole term and very confident in what she was able to do and upfront about what she couldn't do. Wasn't just wishful thinking as anything that she said she could do happened. Bottom line - if you need a defense attorney Karissa Murphy is the person to go to! The rates were more then fair that she charged. I would have paid double knowing the outcome that I received."

- Nathan

Knowledgeable, Fast Thinking, Patient Attorney

"My son was in a car accident in PA, which led to him being arrested. I live in South GA, so I searched the internet and talked by phone to numerous attorneys in the area of my son's residence. Mr. Mielnicki was straight forward with me concerning the possible outcomes of my son's charges. At the same time, he was able to ease my mind. He was the ONLY attorney that agreed to go visit my son while he was incarcerated (he actually volunteered to do this...on a SATURDAY!). Unable to be in the area to support my son, Mr. Mielnicki understood my frazzled state of mind and his patience with my phone calls and texts was a clear showing of his many years of experience. In the end, he was able to get four felonies dropped, several misdemeanors dropped, and a detainer lifted. I would definitely recommend Mr. Mielnicki for anyone needing an attorney in the Pittsburgh area. He listens to you and focuses on obtaining the outcome you request."
- Tracy


"Mr. Mielnicki recently defended me on my DUI case. He not only got my license suspension wiped away, but he got my DUI charge knocked down to a General Impairment. This is not the first time Mr.Mielnicki has defended me either. When I was younger he defended me on a pretty serious case and got 3 felonies knocked down to misdemeanors. If you want to win, pick Rob Mielnicki."
- Garrett

A Lucky Find

"When I was losing patience finally for my girlfriends return home. Something showed me Robert. Robert was there for me and her. Visited her. And walked her through everything. Being very confident with this judge, he was able to successfully lift this detainer. If you ever need a detainer removed or a motion to be filed. I highly recommend him."
- Robert & Crystale

Best Lawyer in Pittsburgh

"Robert is the best lawyer in Pittsburgh without a doubt. Probably, one of the best in the country. He is extremely smart and quick to understand very complex situations. He has a very strong knowledge of the law. My situation was a complicated medical malpractice. Robert did all the hard work and followed up with my case and the result was a successful settlement before the court. He filed my case on time although I found him at the last minute through a friend’s recommendation. I was lucky to have him. I have also seen him talk with other clients, all I can tell about him that he is extremely professional and capable. You can trust him completely. His fees are very reasonable. He is honest, hardworking, smart, charismatic, and very successful at what he does. I don’t know what else you can ask for. Without meeting with Robert, do NOT accept another lawyer. If you have him in your team, you are in very good hands. I think he is also a very good person. It is important who you are working with, especially for cases that take time. Personally, I like him a lot and have 100% trust in him as a person and his skills in law. He will surely bring justice for you. He does not give up like other lawyers. Robert is the outstanding lawyer that you need and deserve!"
- Client

Perfect Experience!

"On June 26, 2017 Attorney Mielnicki handled a case for us defending our son. He was professional, knowledgable and a highly skilled attorney. He returned calls promptly and always reassured us. The outcome we had hoped for worked out as he assured us it would. We couldn’t be more satisfied. We highly recommend this attorney."
- Client

DUI Charge

"We found Attorney Mielnicki by chance/fate! We are so grateful and pleased how he helped our son with his case. He was attentive and considerate to our questions and informative with answers. We would highly recommend seeking his expertise in criminal law. He will give you the hard facts and do everything he can as an attorney to expedite a final outcome. His costs were reasonable and his staff is just as attentive to getting answers back to you, as well! He was a great choice for us and our legal situation."
- Client

Highly Recommend

"Kept me up to date with the process of it all through Facebook messenger or calling me with the news. I would recommend him to anyone I know. I was sure he was the right attorney for the charges I was facing after the first couple minutes of talking to him."
- Client


"Great attorney. I had a run in with the law a few months back. Robert helped me every step of the way. He explained best and worst case scenarios, the result ended up closer to best case. I highly recommend him."
- Client

Dedicated Attorney

"Upon first meeting Mr. Mielnicki he was very personable, down to earth and easy to talk to. We spoke about other things, as he wanted to get to know me on a personal level, prior to talking about my pending court case which let me know he had my best interest at mind and was going to give 100% effort in representing me. Mr. Mielnicki was always very forthcoming with information and never did he give anything other than his honest opinion of what could potentially happen with my case. Mr. Mielnicki is very knowledgeable and always maintained a professional demeanor at all times during our interactions. I highly recommend Mr. Mielnicki to anyone that unfortunately finds themselves in any type of court proceedings. With Mr. Mielnicki you are assured to have quality representation with an attorney that values the client to lawyer relationship and who also has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done."
- Carl

The Best

"Hands down the best lawyer in the area. Highly recommended. Easy to get along with and easy to talk to. Knows his stuff. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Nick

Highly Recommend

"I would highly recommended Attorney Mielnicki to anyone. He’s very smart he knows the law, he’s the best attorney I have ever known and will ever have. He’s on time he gets the facts right and no beating around the bush with him. He has my utmost respect. He fights for you and he’s in your corner!!!"
- Lou

The Guy to Call

"Don’t have much experience with attorneys. Bob walked us through everything. It took awhile for everything to resolve, but he said that it would. If I ever need any legal assistance again I know who to call. Thank you Bob!!!"
- Client


"This is the number one criminal defense lawyer in my experience..These guys have always taken care of me. I've worked with Mielnicki personally and a few other lawyers from from his office and they are all awesome. Thank you Bob."
- Adam